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Friday, July 29, 2011

That art gallery,

hey peeps, it's been a while since my last post.damn busy with work.not exactly a workaholic but because of Ramadhan is near, money is surely needed to fulfill my wish list for Hari Raya Aidilfitry and not forget my entrance to Degree, yeay!ive been working at an Art gallery.
it was sure an help me improve some of my techniques of drawing,lets peek trough some pictures shall we

not much, hope to add more drawing to my collection some day
maybe a portrait of someone, yeah insyaallah

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mid-Year Giveaway by Nisa Menaip

akhirnya Cik Nisa dah keluarkan senarai nama peserta utk give away dye,
so i'm the 265 contestant. hope it's a luck number :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#1 Wordless Wednesday : Instant happiness

Maksud wordless Wednesday : setiap hari rabu semua blogger post gambar di blog mereka tanpa meletakkan apa apa description utk explain gambar tersebut , biar gambar yang menceritakan tanpa di perlukan apa apa penjelasan.
untuk keterangan lebih lanjut click sini

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mid-Year Giveaway by Nisa Menaip

bila study nak sangat cuty, bila dah cuty tak tau nak buat ape kan? haa, tula pasal kow.duk depan laptop blogwalking, buka youtube tu jelah kerja.nak update blog pown tak de cite kan,nasib hari nie memang bertuah laa.tengah blogwalking, buka laa blog cik Nisa Menaip.memang rajin baca blog dye nie, tapi tak penah nak comen laa, silent reader la katekan,bukan tak nak comen.nak tu nak laa, tapi tak tau nak cakap pa.haa, tula pasai.hari nie cik nisa ade buat giveaway la kawan kawan,nie 1st tyme join contest. try laa mane tau nasib beak kan, so jom la ramai ramai ikut, lagi meriah wey! giveaway nie stat 31 mei 2011, abes 6 jun 2011 kene la capat capat.nanty melepas.

untuk lihat syarat syarat giveaway nie, boleh laa click banner di atas tu haa,
cepat laa pa tunggu lagi click, click, click, click manyak kali pun tak pe.

hadiah tuk giveaway nie lumayan sangat tau, nak tau pa hadiah?

wow!banyak and lumayan kan hadiahnya, this is all thanks to the sponsors below :

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I was lost, but now i'm back

hello, ye saye tahu, saye dah lame tak update blog. maaf bloggy. kalau cuty memang tak de topic nak di updatekan. yela, asyik duk rumah jew.tapi tapi saya dah ade aktivity.cuba teka, teka larr,ok fine, aktivitinya bukan jogging.for sure.mestilah shopping *kih kih* window shopping lar.hary nie saye pegi masjid jamekk, oleh kerana lame tak cuci mate tengok shawl cun2, yang asyik mengoda goda saya yew, auww gatai gatai semuanya.saye pun lemah iman, nak je borong semua. ok syera sila la kawen dengan Donald trump kalaunak sangat. please donald, will you marry me?dah dah tak yah layan minah nie, jom tengok gamba gamba,

ok sekarang saye nak jadi pompan melayu, nak pakai sekert jeww pasnie.

this is bell and jiha,

dalam kedai pown menyempat ye koww posing,

jiha muka serius shopping, pikir takut tak de duit nak balik, tido kat masjid jamek la jawabnya

mereka sangat la fotogentik.erm, eh? fotogenik?

awak,awak saye nak baju kurung nie. please please ^^

fine, jiha puteh. aq itam T-T

dah, dah la usha gamba, malu eden.

p/s : saya ternampak blogger cun cik anis syafira, i have always been her silent reader, tapi tak tegur pown adik cute nie sebab sangat malu kucheng kucheng dy sangat la tinggi and stunning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

you tube,

hey guys, this weekend was the greatest for i have finish my final long! i went to genting highland with my friend but i'm not gona update it now.hoho.considering why i'm still in cfs? well, for the sake of the pro-folio day that is on the 25 i wana share you what i have been spending time this weekend,

well, i was searching for interesting videos and walah, i found some.hehe. these guys are really sporting and creative, they made videos with reliable information and also fun,full of laughter.if you don't believe it, check it out yourself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

sometimes we just need a little believe

hari nie saye akan layan anda dengan final project
graphic communication 2.baru sekarang nak hupdate sal GC nie, sebab asyikk sibuk ngn ED jeww kan.saye terdetik nak post sal nie sebab, smnanya saye dah lame fedup dengan GC nie.the harder i try, tak penah pown dapat A, A- pown berangan laa nak dapat.tapi bila result final kuar ari tuu, saye sgt bersyukur sebab
dapat gak 2 butir A-,tyme tu gakk terdetik di haty yg suatu hari klo kita tol.tol kerja keras pasti rase nikm
atnya.saye ckp bukan nak belagakk, tapi budak.budak yg di labelkan profesional, kiranya yg mmg sllu dapat A dalam project mereka yg lepas pown tak dapat A-.saye tak tau knapakan,semua org ade rezeki masing.masing saye sangat la syukur, alhamdulillah saye dapat gak rase nikmat A- tu.saye tak de bakat pown,tapi saye try kan.tak de salah saye nak gembira dgn result nie.gila laa sape yg tak gembira tu.okay la, sila berhenti cuci la mate dgn gambar tak seberapa nie :

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its not just sacred, its more than that

everyone has there view of a sacred space.i'm sure about that.some say when they stand by the beach they feel sacred or even when having a picnic in a garden,filled with fresh air,full of green nature.some may say a waterfall as their sacred place due to the peaceful sound and smell of it.where ever it is, it doesn't mean only religious place are sacred.

in my design i created a high entrance : this is to show interpretation of a mountain.people must climb to the top to fell the fresh air, and see the beautiful view beneath them.then they will see a tower that i interpret as a tree house where to go up, there is a wooden ladder.on the tree house the ground is filled with green grass and the cling is transparent so that you can lay down there and day dreaming looking up to the sky, family's can also have a picnic in the tower rather than a usual picnic on the ground

the design is then continued with a space i call house of light : because i fill all the walls of the room with colorful glass windows.on the cling there are also holes that control the light entering the room.this room is all about lighting coz it is also one aspect of a sacred space.natural lighting is important.cause with light our life wont be dark, the light will show the way of life to us.

exiting the light room you will be connected with a narrow hall that only has small hole as a lighting to it, this is to make you guys feel curious about the place your entering.intersect with the narrow hall.i created a space i like to call the combination of an aquaria and waterfall.this room is located underneath the high stair case entrance.there are water falling from the walls of this can sit there for hours, listening to the sound, smelling the fresh smell of water.

ending this design i created a garden, made of wood.almost like a green house.with no roof and a bunch of green nature.also no forgetting benches where you can sit and stare.exiting the space, i created a hole at the edge of the garden,entering the hole, you will be slide down to a underground tunnel.where the exit is when u climb a ladder provided, and noticing your self in front of the sacred space.

these photo shows my interpretation of a sacred place : i'm aiming
for all kinds of age and religious that can visit to my kind of sacred space.enjoy ya all,

the whole view

the side view

zooming in the front entrance of the space

zooming in the exit of the space

eehh, nie bukan gambar design.
nie designer dy, pduikan muka serabut tu.
cuma tumpu kat senyuman tu, sbab dah abeh design, lega legi dahh

thanks for reading,

Monday, January 31, 2011

there's mood, there's attitude

the final for environmental design has just ended, it was a blast.having a fun presentation conducted by miss ros or she prefer "kak ros" was quite a memory for the finals, compared tothe other presentation conducted by miss elly herself.she was quite strict on presentations.however, all her lessons was really inspiring to me.i noted that : when ever she gives a comment the lack of my design, i will take her advice and "tacap" my design. ha ha.creating my result not lower than A-.thanks miss, our my heroin.however, this final really makes me worried. 1- because miss ros
didn't give any critics so i don't know the lack of my design.* hoping miss elly will tell me the comments soon* 2- the other students design was fantastic, everyone was really into their own mood.

mood? what about moods? yeah, i forgot to tell you the brief about my final ED project.we were
given a task to create a space, not a building OK?i repeat, a space.
however, the space is created by applying moods towards it.joyful,peace,sacred,horror,pride : list of moods that was given.each student was give a chance to learn detail about their own mood. 1 student, 1 mood *jan tamak yeww* toward this space we can also insert landscapes, with proper scales alright.i've taken some photos of my classmates design so, lets check them out! p/s : there are some design i couldn't get the chance to take photos, sorry no offence.ill upload it in another post :)






semo cantek chantek, cumil momel, senang kate gemak gile laa kan?
nie lum lagi explore dak class lean.wait for more photos soon.
my design? hehe. msti laa letak kat post special sikit ann.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fear factor?

presenting in front of the class is one of my fear, however i still get goosebumps in front of an know when butterflies wonder in your stomach.then your hands get cold as you see a ghost, yeahh. i get those. i even have to hold something in front as i'm presenting because if i don't, you can really see my hand shaking like an earthquake, so does my voice.i can hear it word and sentence? sure, its out of grammar, totally out.

back to school

its 26 january, counting that to be 3 weeks 4 days before i finish my 2nd sem :) yeahh! damn happy for that.i'll be spending my holidays working like hell, wana target to buy a dslr :) pretty please, *wink wink* actually, i wanted to story2 about my course's annual grand dinner that i a fortunately didn't go, coz i had to save money for my high school reunion this year :) *excited*seeing my friends photo at the agd, it was really cool yaa all! riot babe, let's take a peek at some photos : camera rolling

cumil.cumil barisan pengawas sekolah yeww,

sye shuke geng nie, spoting pkai baju skolah :)

nie couple class environment design sye, acting as teachers
so sweet^^

the boys gave performance during the dinner,

all the members of this studio came, nice memories!

there were also a token of appreciation for best student in graphic and design of each studio
alhamdulilah, i got my award as best student in my environment design studio.
tapi sayang kan tak datang.klo takk leh posing tas pentas.

so guys,
how was you annual grand dinner?