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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its not just sacred, its more than that

everyone has there view of a sacred space.i'm sure about that.some say when they stand by the beach they feel sacred or even when having a picnic in a garden,filled with fresh air,full of green nature.some may say a waterfall as their sacred place due to the peaceful sound and smell of it.where ever it is, it doesn't mean only religious place are sacred.

in my design i created a high entrance : this is to show interpretation of a mountain.people must climb to the top to fell the fresh air, and see the beautiful view beneath them.then they will see a tower that i interpret as a tree house where to go up, there is a wooden ladder.on the tree house the ground is filled with green grass and the cling is transparent so that you can lay down there and day dreaming looking up to the sky, family's can also have a picnic in the tower rather than a usual picnic on the ground

the design is then continued with a space i call house of light : because i fill all the walls of the room with colorful glass windows.on the cling there are also holes that control the light entering the room.this room is all about lighting coz it is also one aspect of a sacred space.natural lighting is important.cause with light our life wont be dark, the light will show the way of life to us.

exiting the light room you will be connected with a narrow hall that only has small hole as a lighting to it, this is to make you guys feel curious about the place your entering.intersect with the narrow hall.i created a space i like to call the combination of an aquaria and waterfall.this room is located underneath the high stair case entrance.there are water falling from the walls of this can sit there for hours, listening to the sound, smelling the fresh smell of water.

ending this design i created a garden, made of wood.almost like a green house.with no roof and a bunch of green nature.also no forgetting benches where you can sit and stare.exiting the space, i created a hole at the edge of the garden,entering the hole, you will be slide down to a underground tunnel.where the exit is when u climb a ladder provided, and noticing your self in front of the sacred space.

these photo shows my interpretation of a sacred place : i'm aiming
for all kinds of age and religious that can visit to my kind of sacred space.enjoy ya all,

the whole view

the side view

zooming in the front entrance of the space

zooming in the exit of the space

eehh, nie bukan gambar design.
nie designer dy, pduikan muka serabut tu.
cuma tumpu kat senyuman tu, sbab dah abeh design, lega legi dahh

thanks for reading,