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Thursday, November 25, 2010

seeing is beliving

*upper view of the whole serial plane*


*horizontal falling*

*inner - upper view*

*left view*

*close up of the subtraction*
*side view*

*front view*


the picture shown above is my serial plane design

from my project 1 that i design, i decided to zoom into the creation of the lion's eye
principle existed : gradation of shape, sizes

Saturday, November 20, 2010


yeaah, this week i won't have FIM class. what a life - won't
have to wake up 8 o'clock in the morning.but as always : BUMMER! i still have to concentrate on my ED project - serial planes
speaking of it, i haven't explain it to you guys, yeah-
my second project for this sem.

it's about stacking boards on a base
making it into certain abstracts


* lobster *

cool right, if you are very consistent it will turn out perfectly!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


we were given a task to survey an area, within the location we had to list down the principle elements there, then we interpret it into a table so that we
could understand more- this was the go-see part of the whole project.then come's the mind thinking : we had to design an A2 portrait of abstract that can resembled a little- not to much about the survey area, having a limited of 4 principle's in it. not forgetting 300 word of essay describing our own design. color? of course!

introducing my design,


you guys might ask- why did i pick a lion?
well, regarding the area of survey - old town pj. the area is still a modern place, filled with buildings.however, they still keep a natural beauty in it.there are still water fountains : that may resemble a waterfall? a field : that i imagine as green grass. so in my perspective i would like to appear this on my design. it could be anything that resemble's nature, but my creativity narrows down to a lion - perhaps because i like orange? might be :)
i also want to show how ALLAH's creation can even be interpreted in an design.even though it doesn't look like the real lion.

PRINCIPLE that contains in the lion :
1- DATUM : the lion's nose - that is where the whole story began's.all the abstract around it is spread through the nose it self.
2- REPETITION : the lion's whiskers - it has an zigzag pattern that repeats itself from the left to right
3- RY THEM : behind the lion's eye - a curvy pattern that is continuant from top to bottom with a flow.
4- SYMMETRY : under the lion's eye - the triangle's and moon shape has an axis that makes the shape like it is,
5- GRADATION : color yellow,green and blue are colors that is light. so it is used to be the background.then the color red, orange, black are use as the upper part of the abstract.

Monday, November 8, 2010


people ask,
but i just cover it up.
saying sorry?
i know it's not enough

that's what I'm dealing
but you don't have to humiliate me
cause I've already fell the guilt before