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Monday, January 31, 2011

there's mood, there's attitude

the final for environmental design has just ended, it was a blast.having a fun presentation conducted by miss ros or she prefer "kak ros" was quite a memory for the finals, compared tothe other presentation conducted by miss elly herself.she was quite strict on presentations.however, all her lessons was really inspiring to me.i noted that : when ever she gives a comment the lack of my design, i will take her advice and "tacap" my design. ha ha.creating my result not lower than A-.thanks miss, our my heroin.however, this final really makes me worried. 1- because miss ros
didn't give any critics so i don't know the lack of my design.* hoping miss elly will tell me the comments soon* 2- the other students design was fantastic, everyone was really into their own mood.

mood? what about moods? yeah, i forgot to tell you the brief about my final ED project.we were
given a task to create a space, not a building OK?i repeat, a space.
however, the space is created by applying moods towards it.joyful,peace,sacred,horror,pride : list of moods that was given.each student was give a chance to learn detail about their own mood. 1 student, 1 mood *jan tamak yeww* toward this space we can also insert landscapes, with proper scales alright.i've taken some photos of my classmates design so, lets check them out! p/s : there are some design i couldn't get the chance to take photos, sorry no offence.ill upload it in another post :)






semo cantek chantek, cumil momel, senang kate gemak gile laa kan?
nie lum lagi explore dak class lean.wait for more photos soon.
my design? hehe. msti laa letak kat post special sikit ann.


.iLiana. said...

glamor design ak msk blog ko~ xD

nureensyerah said...

huishh, msti la glamor gitu.

Siti Nur Surayya MK said...

sumer lawa2~!!

nureensyerah said...

besa laa, semo bakal arkitek berjaya