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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

back to school

its 26 january, counting that to be 3 weeks 4 days before i finish my 2nd sem :) yeahh! damn happy for that.i'll be spending my holidays working like hell, wana target to buy a dslr :) pretty please, *wink wink* actually, i wanted to story2 about my course's annual grand dinner that i a fortunately didn't go, coz i had to save money for my high school reunion this year :) *excited*seeing my friends photo at the agd, it was really cool yaa all! riot babe, let's take a peek at some photos : camera rolling

cumil.cumil barisan pengawas sekolah yeww,

sye shuke geng nie, spoting pkai baju skolah :)

nie couple class environment design sye, acting as teachers
so sweet^^

the boys gave performance during the dinner,

all the members of this studio came, nice memories!

there were also a token of appreciation for best student in graphic and design of each studio
alhamdulilah, i got my award as best student in my environment design studio.
tapi sayang kan tak datang.klo takk leh posing tas pentas.

so guys,
how was you annual grand dinner?


'I.Z.Z.A.T.Y' said...

cool ~

nureensyerah said...

cool, sejukk. haha

anna B said...

ehem2....awk ske geng sy ? maluuuuuu:P keke.. yg pkai bju biru n itam tu bkn nye geng kami laa.... HAHAHAHA *joking* :P