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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shopping :)

i was suppose to post this entry last week
but i had a UNexpected

i Love Them
that's all i could say

we went to CP
center point
the main reason was to buy stuffs for the program
but we also enjoyed our self

surely we had time to take pictures
i took a lot
especially afra's picture
she doesn't have a lot
it's not because she doesn't like to take pictures
it's because we don't always go out with her
she's the little sister in our family

miss Siti Afrah Amalina :)
specialty : her deep deep deep dimple
her big smile
her cute "peace"

sorry to say
she's taken

not by Fahrin Ahmad ok?
we were just walk inpacific
to buy goodies for the hamper
thenafrah stood by fahrin's poster
she said he was as tall as her
kih kih!
so we just took her picture

afra's one and only style of taking pictures is
by showing her peace
she's so adorable if you get to know her


i decided to try a candid pic from afra
and that's the result : a serious and blanked look

our treasure was busy potting money in her purse
she was trembling holding a lot of money in her hand

also presenting......
miss Siti Nur Surayya

after a long long long day of shopping
sue need to rest
she was looking so tired after buying YOYO


we were also thinking a way to go back home
with all this goodies we couldn't go just by bus

then sue called her bestfrend then
he agreed to take us by sponsoring his fuel
afra also buy mcD for him because all he said that
he was starving.

thanks to :
mister Syamsul asyraf
*i don't really know how to spell his name
sorry sul
we were safely at home
in the raining weather

[this is just a short advertise]
you can surely see...
the black circles under our eyes
please someone?

need treatment
we both understand each other
sue's taking civil engineering
and I'm taking architecture
that's all i can sayy

salam from me
with lurve

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