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Sunday, May 16, 2010

long time NO see

16 may 2010


it has been about 1 year i haven't seen them!
excitement grew day by day...
until this second

I'm about to help my friends conduct a program at my OLD school
just a bit charity. i guess?
so we did a little meeting
about the program

it would be more easy if i COULD drive!
but hehe.
i haven't had the chance to learn it.

i got the chance to meet my beloved friends :)

this is sue : darling!
she is responsible for the
[presents and certificate]

this is afra : cute!
she in charge of all the money
[the treasurer]

both were paying attention to the speech
they didn't even notice i took their picture

missed them so So so much :)
guess what?
tomorrow I'm going OUT with the both of them!
cause we need to buy stuff for the program.

I've always been in charge of
[the documentation]

but i haven't done it in quite a while.
so i hope i can still
be creative in doing it

so i guess I'll be 24hours with
my camery & lappy
kih kih

hope our program will be as smooth as possible


Anonymous said...

hak3. gmba curik!!!

nureensyerah said...

gambo curi laa laku :)

Quiescence said...

good to see you in the blogosphere!

zirah salim said...

heheh syeerahh ;)
yeah! babe, ada jga kwn aku dr smp ikut program kmu di semai nnt. selamat berkenalan lah untuk kamu nnt hehehe

nureensyerah said...

anis : haha! ndak ada keja bha.
kakai : eyaa~ ada dy dtg tyme meeting.
ada tnya dy knal kakai ka endak :)
dy bilang knal!aduina, sepa ndak knal bha si kakai nie.

Arrharatnasari Kachong Ma'arof said...

here!here! i'm coming!
ow kamu cakap sepa tu r?hehe
syerah n kakai **selamat berkenalan**ngeee3x