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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy tuesday :)

[25 may 2010]
we went out with a last minute planning
thanks to sue
but it worked out well!
because of my early flight to KL
we really had to find time to spend the day together

the day started at 10.30am
i guess,
a big thanks to
mister syamsul asyraf
for sponsoring a car
as our transportation

he's a bit shy
-unusual of him-

a little thanks to
mister azizi matsum
by being the annoying driver
who drives the car without stop talking
-your one in a million-
*ayat perli sebenarnya

miss siti nur surayya
the master plan
of this 'day out'
thanks sweetheart

not forgetting

<---- miss siti afrah amalina
miss intan

making the day
more joyful

love you guys
soOoo much

and ME!hehehe
credit to : sue
i like this pic
p/s : sorry to nysha
cause i did get the chance to meet you
missing you so much!
when sul,gg went to the bank
we girls took the opportunity
to go shopping!
we were looking at some handbags
but we didn't buy it.
instead of that
bought a new pair of selipar
*but i didn't take the picture

then we went window shopping,
looking at beautiful
dress & blouses

hugging cute teddy bears

sneaking into fitting rooms
just to take pictures
i treated them at
my favorite place to eat cakes,
secret recipe

then we went home

i love you guys
always wishing our friendship will last
forever ever ever & ever
I'm gonna miss you guys again!

[salam sayang]


Quiescence said...

rajin tul kao a.. siap edit pic lae utk post ni. haha

ieka noriko said...

love u 2...
miss the moment..
wish ada nysha..bru complete..
cm2 ragam ada..hoho